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We at Armyn ab Treanid want to provide our members, and the rest of the Dark Age of Camelot community with the best information available. We believe that the most effective army is the one with the clearest picture of the battlefield and the best intelligence. As such, we have collected this information for our members, as well as any visitors, to aid in those goals. Death to the Albion Scum and Midgard Barbarians! May the rivers run red with their blood!

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ToA Overview

New Frontiers Overview

Hibernia Frontier

Cruachan Gorge

Mt. Collory


Emain Macha

Midgard Frontier

Odin's Gate

Jamtdland Mts.


Yggdra Forest

Albion Frontier

Forest Sauvage

Pennine Mts.

Hadrian's Wall


Trials of Atlantis Maps


Arbor Glen

Ashen Isle

Land of Atum


Green Glades




Stygina Delta

Typhons Reach
  • Mythic's Dark Age of Camelot Page - Start here to find out about the game.

  • Frakof's DAoC Beginner Page - A collection of information to help anyone starting out in DAoC to learn many of the finer points of the game. Particularly useful for ToA and Raid information.

  • My Ranger Guide! - Just a guide that I wrote on how I plan on playing my ranger. You can play your ranger any way you want. UPDATED 5 DEC 07! Since I just wrote this guide, I am getting a lot of feedback (thanks, I want it!), and I am continually updating this document. Please check back often. Latest update is all the Realm Skill additions. (Yes, I know, this is totally out of date.)

  • Clamargh's Champion Guide! - Just a guide that I wrote on playing a Champion. You can play your Champion any way you want. UPDATED 22 MAR 06! Please check back often. (Yes, I know, this is out of date, but since Champions have not received a lot of love, it's still pretty good.)

  • The Classes of Camelot - A listing of all the classes, races, skills, spells, etc. Great place to go to figure out what you want to play.

  • Alliance Forums - Forums where we can have discussions with our alliance mates.

  • Darkness Falls Merchant List - Just a compilation of all the old items that Hibernians can buy form the Darkness Falls Merchants.

  • Tain bo Cualgne - Celtic Mythology - A complete Cattle Raid of Cooley, Irish, and English

  • Celtic Dictionairies Online - Searchable gaelic to english dictionairies, several dialects. (I prefer Kelly's)

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