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Out of the ashes of a once secret and leaderless band of ne'er-do-wells rises a true band of Heroes. Armyn ab Treanid, or Arms of Valour, is that band of Heroes. We are Warriors, Lovers, Poets, and Protectors of the Realm! Follow our triumphs and revel in our success!

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Here you will find a list of the characters in the guild who have made a profile and created a page of themselves. On these character pages, you will find a list of "Decorations" that each person has won. These are strictly for fun and serve no real purpose aside form developing a character and letting you know what they have done in the game. To submitt a character for an award, just tell the officers of the person you feel is deserving and which award they are deserving of. The officers will then discuss the person, their behavior, and the circumstances of the award, and hopefully present the award at the next guild meeting.

Larian LeQuella

Mithwyn Galyndyl

Frakof Tinuviel

Kaman Spiritwalker

Kamorian Shadowkiller

Glendain Kilrathen

Tiidus SilverSun

Lietel Cinderdane

Creul Destiny

Findoir Allissima

Snap Dragon and Tikari Toebreaker

Ribheid Galyndyl


Legion of Merit: An award given by the guild leaders to the member whose actions are instrumental to the survival and well being of the guild.

Blood Banner: An award given to members who hunt our enemies and cause them a great deal of pain and humiliation.

Recruitment Banner: An award given to members for showing a sincere desire to increase the size of our family and for bringing good and true people under our banner.

Mask of Gygax: An award given to members who make an extra effort to roleplay in all aspects of their life in Hibernia.

Shades of Armyn: An award presented to members who show a special pride in the guild. This award actually carries with it a physical award of 6 pots of dye to match the official guild colours and an emblazoned guild cloak (or the monitary equivalent).

Sash of Sacrifice: An award for the warriors of the realm who put the good of the realm in front of their own safety. Usually resulting in their deaths.

Alliance Medalion: Presented to the member who not only is able to lead members of Armyn ab Treanid, but members of the alliance as well.

Command Medalion: Given to the member that shows a presence on the battlefield and is able to lead the troops to victory.

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