Snap Dragon
Tikari Toebraker

Snap's Story: Douglas McHawthorn's story isn't an extraordinary one. In fact, any attempts he has made at fame are in present times. The McHawthorn family was (and is) a fun-loving clan of lurikeens who live in a small estate east of Ardee. Some of them are such strange characters that there have been rumors that their ancestors were former enslaved court jesters in Albion, but others simply say that those same ancestors were dropped on their heads a few too many times.

Many of the McHawthorns came up with nicknames for themselves or each other. Douglas's, Snap Dragon, was given to him by his grandfather. Snap Dragon (Snap, to his friends) as a child was found by his grandfather one day in his mother's garden, using a bow he made out of tree branches and twine with arrows made out of his mother's silverware. His grandfather was about to stop him, but something made him stop. Snap was aiming at his mother's snapdragon bed and, even with the makeshift bow, he was hitting his mark! Three arrows flew and three flower tops lay on the ground next to the forks that severed them. His grandfather stopped him after that and told him that he wouldn't tell his mother if he cleaned everything up. To tease him though, his grandfather started calling him Snap Dragon every time he saw him. A few months later, Snap started to learn more about archery from his grandfather, and the nickname grew into one he started using, himself. It wasn't long after his ! training that he started to venture out, looking to test his bowman skills on more... active targets.

Tikari's Story: So that's Douglas's story, but what of his grandfather, Jim McHawthorn? Yes, he too has a nick name, Tikari Toebreaker. Many years ago, when Jim was in his earlier years, he was playing a little too far from home. He had a large mallet that he carried with him to squish any of the overgrown Hibernian insects that wanted his lunch. When he was resting for a moment, a firbolg member of The Dagger, a local bandit group, ambushed him. In a split second reflex, Tikari grabbed his mallet and brought it down as quickly as possible, landing right on the large bandit's foot with a mighty crash. Tikari ran home as the thief screamed in pain, his severely broken foot imbedded six inches in the ground. The story of his escape gained him the title of "Toebreaker" and he started to practice using his hammer more often, combining it with the magics of the champions in his family.

Many years later, when Jim grew up, he and two other champions from his family laid a small siege on The Dagger, slaying most of the members and causing the survivors to become harmless individual bandits, who often killed each other more than innocents. As the leader of the dagger lay dying at Tikari's feet (or knees), he choked out his final words, "Se Tikari", Finnish for "The Dagger". Thus, the Toebreaker of The Daggers was born, Tikari Toebreaker. Ever since, he has been continuing his practice, gaining an unquenchable desire for adventure and strength. Now, in his old age, he seems to only be getting stronger. Jokes around the McHawthorn household say that he'll die of old age while still swinging his hammer.

Title: Feieyssagh ny Brock


Additional Notes: Snap and Tikari, out of respect for each others weapons (or, some might say after that night in a tavern when Tikari left with a stab wound in his arm and Snap got himself a broken foot), have never been seen side-by-side in battle. In fact, they only seem to see each other when they meet back home for family gatherings. In other gatherings, such as functions of the guild they both belong to, it's common to see only one of them.