Creul Destiny

Creul's Story:   Born and raised in the Grove of Domnann, Creul learned the way's of nature and how to manipulate magics to heal others of his realm and being facinated with the forest around the Domnann Creul did alot of exploring using his lute to make him move faster then normal. When Creul was about 16 Seasons old, his teacher was slain by the hands of the albion dog's during a skirmish, soon after Creul got the news he had vowed to strengthin his power of healing, so that he could be able to save those who fight for the realm. A season later Creul had found a rather cute Shar in Darkness falls at first Creul was a bit shy and didn't do much but give her heals and blessings, but after a few times hunting with her he had soon realised that he really liked her and shortly their after he found out that she liked him and it was a wonderful feeling that got Creul to sing his first love songs. She wore the banner of the Armyn ab Treanid, and she had convinced Creul that he should join, which he did with a good amount of difficulty, and has enjoyed being with this family ever since.

Title:   Feieyssagh ny Brock

Decorations:   Mask of Gygax, Shades of Armyn

Additional Notes:  Aside from being a story teller and a great lucky charm in many a group as well as being a compleate goof, Cruel happens to be one of the few Bards that have specialized in the Healing Arts... he also has big heart when it comes to helping others.