Tiidus SilverSun

Tiidus's Story: Born in the sleepy town of Connla in the far south of our realm. As soon as Tiidus was old enough his father would take him on hunting trips across the great river into Lough-Gur. Amazing sights were revealed to the young impressionable Celt. It was on one of these trips that his father was injured while hunting Merman for their skins. As he lay there, close to death, Tiidus held him firm in his arms. As the emotion flowed through Tiidus, something amazing happened. His hands started to warm and a faint light appeared, it got stronger and stronger, the light almost blinding, his hands almost burning. After what seemed like an eternity, his father opened his eyes and smiled. The first signs of an untrained healer had shown themselves, saving his father in the process. From this day onward Tiidus trained hard, and after 5 seasons completed the Naturalist trials to become a Druid. Many seasons have now passed, his strength and power has increased ten-fold, proving himself many times in battle for the common good of the realm. Who knows where the story will end.........

Title: Un-Eairkagh Kiannoort

Decorations: Shades of Armyn, Recruitment Banner

Additional Notes: Tiidus sometimes gets very bored with life as a Druid and wanders off for days at a time. Only his close friends and family know where he goes or what he does during this time. Some say he seeks comfort in the arms of a Firbolg Maiden. Ciias the Bard, Tiidus's brother will stand in at these times of absence.