Mithwyn Galyndyl

Mithwyn's Story: Mithwyn was found, wandering lost in the expansive lay of Hibernia, by a sylvan naught seen often nowadays. The kind and wise sylvan accepted her as his own; amongst two other celts, binding them by the name of Galyndyl. Through this sylvan Mithwyn was introduced to an even larger family under the banner of Armyn ab Treanid. Shy and fearful of this large group of merrymakers and drunkards, Mithwyn was provided with guidance and good cheer by many long gone and still here. Growing with the guild for countless seasons, she considers it her one and only home and will dedicate her life to the goodwill of the guild.

Title: Feieyssagh ny Brock

Decorations: Recruitment Banner, Mask of Gygax, Shades of Armyn

Additional Notes: Certainly not strong, nor remarkably capable, Mithwyn is a ranger of few practical skills. She is friendly and of fair disposition. Good-hearted and well-meaning she surpasses her shortcomings through her good intentions.