Glendain Kilrathen

Glendains's Story: Glendain was born to a simple family. His Father was a fisherman and lived in a small home near Connla. Glendain grew up despising his fathers life and felt that he was wasting his life while others fought for the great land of Hibernia. He spent much time talking with the Heros of the land as the passed through Connla to distant lands and Wars agains Albion and Midgard. When Glendain told his family he was leaving to become a Guardian of Hibernia, his Father just walked to his room and returned with a sword. His father was not a coward, but a Hero himself who stayed with his son so that oneday his son could defend Hibernia. Glendain left that day, to join the ranks of the Guardians and soon found his calling among the ranks of the Blademasters of this Realm. It was during his first season as a Blademaster that he met Aerio, a young Warden. He and Aerio joined with others of Hibernia and earned many seasons together. Aerio told Glendain of the noble Guild that he was a part of. The goals and mission of Armyn ab Treanid appealed to Glendain and he approached Larian for membership.

Title: Feieyssagh ny Brock

Decorations: Recruitment Banner, Shades of Armyn

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