Larian LeQuella

Larian's Story:   Larian is a simple elf who didn't have the imagination or wits to be a great mage, nor the fortitude of might to make his life as a champion. The way of stealth called to him, and in general being a kind soul, he felt that the way of a ranger suited him more. In many ways, the way of a Ranger has always been his calling since before he was even born. His name has always been associated with that noble profession.
      Although he may not have the mind of a mage, he was still an apt student of the ways, and set forth to make himself the best ranger in the land, or at least the most learned. His experiences and studies led him to produce a great scholarly work on being a ranger, and it was well recived throughout the land! This small success led him to seek out more people of the great land of Hibernia. At first his search was not the most successful, and he was not able to perform the great deeds he knew he was capable of. Finally he took matters into his own hands and raised the Banner for Armyn ab Treanid.
      After cajoling a few friends into following him under this banner, he set out to make this band of warriors, poets, and ne'er-do-wells an army to make the Midgard Barbarians and Albion Fools tremble at their might.

Title:   Ard-Dragan Kiannoort

Decorations:   Recruitment Banner, Mask of Gygax, Shades of Armyn

Additional Notes:  Larian can be a bit of a wino at times (okay, most of the time). He has a weakness for pretty Firbolg lasses, but still has shied away from any serious relationship since he knows the burden of leadership will always take presedence (although this may change in the future, and not even a firbolg lass at that!).