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Let me start off by saying that since the guild is a living breathing guild, and since I can't think of everything, I welcome feedback on anything I have to say. All of you are representatives of Armyn ab Treanid, and carry our banner to the realm. Please read and use this page to make our guild the best it can be, support your officers, and understand how we operate. Realize that no one can be on 24/7, and I don't expect that out of you. I just ask that you know who does what, and always be willing to help each other out, especially if you're not sure who should take care of something that may come up.

The Armyn Way - This is an attitude that I expect all members of the guild to have. It can basically be summed up by being kind and courteous. Having a level head and not displaying any temper or selfishness. You place the good of the guild, alliance, and realm above your own. Even if you aen't an officer, I expect officer like behaviour from you. Some examples are, but not limited to:

  • Assistance with templating and help with spec line questioning.

  • Reasonable assistance with acquiring gear for characters.

  • Inclusion in guild groups and events.

  • To represent the guild well in all public channels and non-guild groups.

  • Access to rvr supplies at all times including siege equipment and potions.

  • Attendance is expected, if reasonable, at all guild-sponsored events including ML10 raids, XP groups, or special RvR nights.

First I wish to lay out some general responsibilities for the officers. This is something I expect of ALL officers, but all members of the guild should feel enough pride in what we have to contribute in any way they can to these goals.

First of all, ALL officers are expected to be available for the guild to the maximum extent possible. That means that as an officer, you are expected to tag all your alts. Privacy while in Hibernia is just a luxury that you or the guild cannot afford anymore.

Also, I expect all officers to be active on the guild message board as well as at other boards on the web. While I don't expect officers to be as active as I tend to be, I at least expect you to make yourselves known at the alliance boards. This will keep you informed as well as visible. In keeping informed, I expect officers to be able to deal with any problems or events that need your attention. Also, use this information to help yourself in putting together hunts and events.

Another very important responsibility of officers is to take it upon themselves to organize guild hunts and events. I know this is not easy and usually takes up what time you may have, but this is a VERY IMPORTANT aspect of a guild and how we work together as a team. Not only that, it develops camaraderie and a trust in our team mates. Also, this is one area that I expect ALL members of Armyn ab Treanid to take seriously. You don't have to be an officer to do this, but I expect you to listen to and defer to officers on this.

Information is a vital function of a guild as well. Not only keep informed on guild boards (and other EBBs), but make sure that information gets passed to the membership. If you need to get in immediate touch with the guildmaster, use the e-mail.

Membership is a very important aspect of keeping a guild living, breathing, and growing. I expect officers not only to gladly take the opportunity to talk to prospective new members, but also be on the look-out for potential good members. Even though we are getting more well known in the realm, I don't expect that everyone who would fit in to our family have been as busy on the web as I have or really knows a great deal about the workings of our realm. Active recruiting is not a bad thing if the person is truly a good and kind person.

Visibility is important, especially for officers. Please try to limit going /anon to the minimum extent possible. Also, make your presence known when you log in (and this really pertinent to all members of Armyn ab Treanid). Just being able to say hello and see how all are doing is an important part of building the cohesion we seek in the guild.

Rank 0: We are the leaders and founders. It is our responsibility to enforce all the rules and guidelines of the guild. We will also be responsible for coordinating guild events/meetings. We make policy and enforce it. If disagreements pop up, we mediate and settle them as fast as possible. We are the final authority for taking and claiming keeps. And the duties listed above are of our primary concern. Right now this is just Larian, and the gracious help of Norah.

Ranks 1, 2 and 3: These are the Council. They are responsible for a great deal, and will have a great deal of autonomy (As a matter of fact, their powers are nearly indistinguishable from Rank 0). They will be responsible for all decisions involving the Guild as a whole. We as the rank 0 folks will support them or step in if there are concerns, but for the most part, they can act totally within their authority. The Council will work with the Guild Leaders to make sure new members are worthy of full membership, and can promote those new members as appropriate. You can also edit the MOTD at this level. The word of a Council Member carries a great deal of weight in the guild. They are wholly responsible for abiding by and enforcing the Code of Conduct as well as performing the duties I outlined above. Each officer is also considered an expert on their respective class(es) and Way in Hibernia. Look to them for advice as well. For all intents and purposes, a Rank 1 Council Member is identical to a Rank 0 Council Member! Some examples of officer actions include thing such as: Help with access to guild items in vaults. Assistance with spec lines or templating questions. If the officer does not know the answer to your question, they know who to ask for help. Help if you have a conflict you need discussing. Please keep in mind that these conversations may not always be kept private from other officers. Invites for alt characters and proper rank promotion. Officers may demote or even kick players from the guild if the need arises. If someone is removed from the guild, trust that it has been discussed and agreed upon beforehand. Officers are the only players who may release keeps or towers. Officers will not be showing favortism, creating cliques, or excluding any member from activities.

As recently posted on our facebook group, these are the ranks:

  • Rank 0 - Guild GMs.

  • Rank 1 - Senior officers.

  • Rank 2 - Junior officers.

  • Rank 3 - Officer Alts. ALL OFFICER ALTS here.

  • Rank 4 - Members who contribute a LOT to the guild.

  • Rank 5 - Members who contribute more: crafting, items, group leading, etc.

  • Rank 6 - Members in good standing.

  • Rank 7 - Alts. ALL MEMBER ALTS here. Please check the roster!

  • Rank 8 - Bots.

  • Rank 9 - new recruits. New players are set at this rank while under probation.

Just because I have laid out what I expect out of each officer and member doesn't mean that any officer is relieved of the obligation to do their best for the guild. As a leader, it falls on the officer to take the initiative to really see what needs to be done. Think of this as a leadership workshop where you get to practice your leadership skills. These skills will even serve you well in real life. Also, you will notice that a lot of the positions have a lot of redundant back up with people and jobs. This is to help members actually contact a person that should be able to help (realizing that no one can be on 24/7). Of course, to prevent any real confusion, make sure that the officers use the officer's channel to coordinate amongst themselves when members are asking about doing something, and also realize that we may not have the numbers to do something every night (hence my emphasis on recruiting). This is all to help the guild grow and function smoothly. Of course, I am open for feedback on anything I mention.

Again, all of these officers can help out anyone within their way if the way leader isn't on. Also, if they happen to be the highest ranking officer online at some instance, they have my blessing to perform actions in the name of the guild. I only ask that they take these responsibilities seriously, and always keep in mind the good name of Armyn ab Treanid! Being an officer not only carries a great deal of power and pride, but almost an overbearing responsibility. You are expected to perform duties for the guild that may preclude you from actually doing everything you want to do at that moment. You are also expected to uphold all the standards of the Code of Conduct, and lead by your example. You all are lso our primary recruiters. Only officers have the power to invite people into the guild. ONLY officers have the power to promote people. As a matter of fact, here is a link to all the rank names, meanings, and powers in case you all are interested:

Crafters: If you are a Legendary Grand Master in a craft, it is expected that you will help out members of the guild.

Anyways, I hope this little rundown was helpful. Again, any feedback is appreciated. Even though I am the one with the vision, ideas, or what have you, I do look to all of you to make this the best guild we can be! I hope I didn't strain your eyes with this, but it is part of my job to keep you informed, and to make sure that everyone knows their part, and who to turn to. I will post this on the boards (assuming it isn't too long), and update/edit it depending on changes and input from all of you.

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