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Welcome to Armyn ab Treanid. We are a Alliance guild on Argent Dawn. We are a guild that is focused on friendship and comraderie.

New and prospective members check here and then explore the site.

These are the goals of our guild:

  • The guild will allow membership to any who will follow the code. You are not limited by class, level, or experience.
  • We are dedicated to helping each other, if a guildmate is in need and you can help do so, they will help you when the time comes.
  • We are also a roleplaying guild, so role playing is encouraged.
  • We are dedicated to defending the alliance from the horde
  • We promote the development of tradeskills of our guild members and will help them if necessary

Explore our site and get to know our members, decide if you wish to make your journey through Azeroth with us.