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I see you have found your way to Armyn ab Treanid. So, do you think you have what it takes to join this prestigious guild? Does anyone ever know their true measure? We shall delve into your very soul and try to measure it. Take care though. The road you are about to travel is not an easy one. You may want to look over the ideals we hold dear, and then take your first step into a larger life.

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Armyn ab Treanid is expanding into Warhammer Age of Reckoning (WAR), and this page is here just to give you the basic information you require to make this a successful chapter. This is information that has been posted in the current Guild Forums:

  • We are on the Phoenix Throne server.
  • We are playing Order.
  • We are in the Dirge Alliance
  • The Code of Conduct that we have in place will still and always apply.
  • Anyone who is thinking of being an officer will be severely and in many details scrutinized and thought about. I don't care if you think you're a great leader and such, I will determine who will best represent Armyn ab Treanid. Sorry to sound so draconian, but the structure here is a bit different.

If you are not a Member of Armyn ab Treanid in the DAoC world, please feel free to apply for membership on the Forums. Something to keep in mind on the forums though. Since this website does get a lot of traffic, there are spammers who apply frivolously, so in order to be able to post, you must get validated. All you need to do is email any of the board admins your username, and they should be able to validate you. Before you get access to the forums though, you will have to become known to the current members of the guild and go through the process like we all do in DAoC.

Armyn ab Treanid is an organization for people who value wit, character, fun, adventure, and role-playing. We seek to provide a supportive community that can work towards our individual and collective goals. The primary focus of the guild is to enhance and enrich each member's daily life by finding people with common interests and keeping them close.

The Guild is active in the war against Chaos as well as in the attempt of getting rid of all the evil creatures that roam our beloved lands. We warmly accept all those who wish to follow our Code of Conduct and have a true and kind heart. Don't worry about experience or skill, that can be taught, but your measure as a person is what you bring to the guild.

Why should someone join Armyn ab Treanid as opposed to the many other guilds out there? Aye, that is indeed a good question! Well, first off, we are mature folks who are looking to make our time in Game enjoyable. We support each other on quests, hunts, and at events. We are fortunate to have a clear vision of what we are as well as strong leadership from our Guild Leaders and Officers. Read on, and see exactly what we are about!

Guild Goals:

  • This guild will be open to all individuals who can abide by the Code of Conduct, regardless of Class, Level, or true Age (we just ask that you behave in a mature manner). We have set our goals out clearly as well on This Page if you care to read them. Not only that, our leadership is well defined and we all know what is expected out of us and what each person does .
  • This guild is dedicated to making each member's journeys through the world memorable, through group adventures, education, and role-playing.
  • The guild exists to promote group adventuring and questing. Guild members will be encouraged to group with other guild members allowing parties to be formed that will give each member the chance to be their best.
  • The guild encourages the traveling and exploration of all areas of the world.
  • The guild promotes the killing of our enemies.
  • The guild will provide a forum for persona development, character building, and interaction through role-playing. You can see the start of this process here.
Achieved through:
  • The guild will achieve the above goals by planning and promoting guild events.
  • The guild fosters an Esprit Des Corps by promoting the wearing of "Guild Colours". For members that wear armour, the official colours are Black for the Helm, Hauberk, Gloves, and Boots; and Dark Blue for the Sleeves and Leggings. For casters who prefer to wear robes, then the colours are Black for the Hat and Robe, while Dark Blue is for the Gloves and Boots. These colour schemes are not mandatory, but we encourage all members to foster the image of unity and to make a fashion statement by looking cool! Keep in mind that dying in WAR is a bit different, so work this in as best you can.
  • The meanings of these guild colours are as follows: Our cloak is white expressing the purity of our purpose and founding. The swords show that we take the fight to the enemy, and indicate sacrifice we are willing to make to our realm and guild mates, and that we hold their well-being above our own. The wings represents the kindness we show to our guild mates and realm mates as well as the kindness that Armyn embodies. The blue chevron on the cape represents the lofty goals we hold as well as our steadfastness in purpose. The black that we wear on our armour represents the fear we inspire into our enemies and the blue the hopelessness of resisting the forces of Order.
  • Another Esprit Des Corps item is that we have an official battle call: "Oir Treanid!" which means "For Valour!"
  • The guild also fosters the true meaning of our motto: Yer true worth is not measured by yer seasons or fame, but rather by yer heart!
  • The guild will provide forums to allow communication between members. These forums will include a web site with guild and persona information; a guild mailing list will enable members to share ideas, plan gatherings, and events; and a message board for posting information. The "Standard" meeting night will also serve as a forum for members to communicate with the officers and leaders.

  • The guild will encourage persona development and role playing among members.
Guild Benefits:
  • The guild is a well established and stable guild. Armyn ab Treanid has maintained a large and vibrant membership for over 7 years in the lands of Hibernia in the world of DAoC, and will continue to do so with strong leadership and active community involvement.
  • The guild will be there to help its members. It will also encourage members to help each other.
  • The guild will enable members to build friendships through interaction with other members.
  • Guild members are encouraged to make use of the Armyn ab Treanid Message Board to keep in touch.
  • The guild has a dedicated Ventrilo Server set up to aid in the ease of communications in the heat of battle.
  • Member biographies will eventually be available on the web site. Members are encourage to create a biography. The start of this is at the Bios and Awards page.
  • The guild will facilitate members finding others who will compliment their trade skills to benefit both parties.
  • The guild will use items collected during guild hunts to outfit it's members to make the guild stronger as a whole.
  • As a member of Armyn ab Treanid, you have special access to deals and offers from our namesake! Arms of Valour, Ltd. offers all members a 10% discount (certian restrictions apply of course). What other guild can say that?!
This is just a short list of goals and benefits of joining Armyn ab Treanid. As we grow, we can apply more and more resources to helping individuals as well as the guild as a whole.

Failte, and thank you for reading.


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