Lietel Cinderdane

Lietel's Story:   Lietel is a Celt with a sad tale. When she was young, se ventured out into the wild frontiers, and at Drakon's Tower met up with a charming Briton Minstrel who wooed her and won her heart. As nothing more than a young girl, Lietel felt that if she could bring peace to the land, she could always be with her true love. Sadly, the Briton did not have such innocent thoughts on his mind. Knowing full well the consequences of his actions, the Minstrel continued to woo Lietel, and planted fantastical tales in her head about the wonders of Albion, and how things were under King Arthur's rule. He used Lietel to gather intelligence on the forces of Hibernia, and passed them on to his superiors. All the time feigning affections for the young girl.
      Eventually Lietel's betrayal of Hibernia was discovered by her elders. Since she had been in collusion for such a long time with the Albion's, she was taken to Tir Na Nog to face justice from Brigit's court. With the depth of her treachery measured in the lives that her information had cost the Hibernian army, even a kind soul as Brigit saw no alternative but to sentence Lietel to death.
      On the day of Lietel's execution, Brigit offered to spare her life if someone would take Lietel into servitude for the realm. However, with the stench of her betrayal, no one in the gathered crowd would remove the hangman's noose from about her neck. It was into this sad scene that Larian wandered into, and saw the tears upon the young girl's cheeks. He took pity on her, and placed her into service to the realm. he tutored her in the arts of casting the spells that make Hibernia's warriors strong, quick, and deadly, and assigned her a post at Druim Cain to help those warriors of the realm. He also took all her possessions and made them a benefit to the community. It is now that Lietel will live out the rest of her days as a Thrall in service to Hibernia.

Title:   Feer Ghunnal Kiannoort

Decorations:   None

Additional Notes:   Despite her sad story, Lietel has grown to love the members of Armyn ab Treanid, and she understads the depth of her betrayal now. She is proud that Larian confiscated her goods, and made the Ranger Haven from her house. Yes, this is my RP story for how Larian got a buffbot!