Kaman Spiritwalker

Kaman's Story:       Some say he is a drifter with no roots to call his own. Some would say he is from a proud noble Celtic ancestry who came to this land from afar, and who over time have become extinct during the wars between the Fomorian and the Elven Races. For you see, Kaman had lost his parents in one such fight at an early age and being the only child, was adopted by a Firbolg family who lived near by. It is through his up bringing at this time that he learned the Way of Nature and the art of being a warden. For his step parents, having no child of there own, sought to pass their wisdom and knowledge on to Kaman. Now most would agree that he is a mysterious being who keeps pretty much to himself. He is a man of few words and often can be found in deep thought and meditation. This to some would imply that he was a deep spiritual type person. Perhaps that explains his given last name which refers to this type of behavior. Oh don't get me wrong, Kaman likes the company of others at times but just not the big crowds and just for a short period and then he wishes to be left alone. He likes music and can sing, dance and laugh right along with the best. Kaman is also known to set out on his stead for days on in to were no one knows and upon his return, when questioned of what he was doing while he was away or were might he have gone, his only reply would be that he was in need to explore and seek the peace that only nature could give. Kaman has often dreamed of settling down and raising a family and had tried a couple of times but for what ever reason only he and his maker know, it would not last and he would find himself on his own once more. For what ever his life road has been, it truly shows to have made an impact on him today. However, you can find no better person to have at your side for he is loyal to his men at arms. When the sound of war can be herd, you will find him there doing all that he has been trained to do to best of his abilities. There has been many times were Kaman has been seen on the morning after a fight, picking himself up from were he fell that night, not from being blunted by the enemy but from the pure exhaustion from the ferocity by which he met his foes in battle and from fighting so hard that his body would just give out for having given his all. You will never see him retreat save as a tactic to buy a bit of time to come at you again. When Kaman locks on to his foe, it is to the death. I have been told that there is much more to this person than meets the eye. But only Kaman and his Maker truly know the secrets that lye.

Title:   Feieyssagh ny Brock

Decorations:   Legion of Merit, Shades of Armyn, The Eternal Gratitude of Larian

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