Frakof Tinuviel

Frakof's Story:  
     “NO!! You cannot make me! I will not do it!” A young Shar cried into the darkness, her mind filled with whispered commands.

      “Please, do not make me do this” she pleaded to an unseen tormentor.

      Behind the Veil Frakof struggled, compelled to do the bidding of Morrighan. Every day she grew stronger and fought back against the voices that demanded obedience, until one day, she finally broke free, but, it changed her, she was no longer a simple Shar. Frakof was changed forever, the spell that held her went awry when she broke free, it scarred her, but it also made her stronger, faster and more powerful.

      Frakof traveled throughout the Veil Rift as she grew, trying to help others like her. She managed to save a few, but, so many others could not be swayed, Morrighan held them tightly within her grasp. Those she could not save she slew, there was no other way to end their torment, she knew how those voices could twist you, change you into something unrecognizable, something evil.

      Many seasons passed, Frakof learned of another world, one filled with light, she traveled there when she could, trying to learn as much as she could. She discovered that many did not know of the plight of her kind, of the evil of Morrighan, how the whispers in the dark could change you. She made it her goal to keep that evil from touching anyone else. She can often be found leading young travelers through the dark underground, protecting them from the evil that permeates the air. Keeping them safe……..

      Still, when the night is the darkest, she can still hear the whispered words, never escaped, always there, compelling her to do their evil. Frakof still battles her tormentor, fighting to be free, not wanting to become one of those twisted and evil creatures that she tries to valiantly to save…

      “No! You cannot make me” a voice whispers into the night………

Title:   Cur Hart ny Collagh muc Feie

Decorations:   Alliance Medalion, Shades of Armyn

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