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Welcome to Frakof's DAoC guide!

This site is geared mostly towards the Hibernian class in DAoC, but, it can be useful for other realms as well. Look around for links to popular websites, tutorials, information on organizing events and how to complete encounters.

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Look here to find links to popular sites that can help you become a better player in Dark Age of Camelot.

bulletArmyn ab Treanid
bullet Motog's Crafting Calculator
bullet Classes of Camelot
bullet The Camelot Herald
bullet Ethinarg's Workshop
bulletPlayer Template Database
bullet Allakhazam's Magical Realm: Dark Age of Camelot

Do you have something you would like to see added? Or a question about the site? You can reach me at:

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Favorite Links

Communities & Forums

Look here to find some of my favorite links and links that I use often. If you dont see a link that you are looking for, send me a message :) I can add it or find it for you. Here are a few sites to go to to discuss your character and get helpful information on how to do things from other players.
bulletHib Boards (Tintagel Cluster)
bullet VN (Tintagel Cluster) Boards

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